Activities at Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Childcare provides a wide range of messy, fun and educational activities, indoor and outdoors. All of which are perfect for helping our little ones learn and develop.

These include painting, drawing, reading, baking, play dough, water & sand and much more. Please have a look at my gallery for recent photos and for availability please feel free to contact me anytime.

We have tailored activities for special occasions such as fathers/mothers day, birthdays, Christmas, Chinese new year.

My aim is to keep a varied routine with plenty of safe outdoor play. I am always open to suggestions and offer a wide range of activities based on EYFS guidelines. All childminders, like nurseries, pre-schools and reception classes are registered to deliver the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) by following the EYFS Framework. I deliver the EYFS by working with children's interests, providing activities they enjoy and working with parents to ensure I am meeting each child's development needs.

Activities we have indoors include:

Cars, train set, building blocks, small world toys such as princess castle, people animals, houses etc, dinosaurs, musical toys, books, dolls, pushchairs, dress up, alphabet magnets, arts and crafts, play dough, puzzles ,play tents, wooden play kitchen, market stall and play food, sensory toys and baskets, blackboard and chalks, shopping till and much, much more...

Outdoor activities include:

Scooters, ride on toys, slide, balls, mud kitchen, water tray, paddling pools, natural resources such as soil, mud, stones, paint and Collage on a large scale, skittles, hoops and loads more fun.

What do you have for a baby?

Your baby is an active learner and learns through first hand experience. At Cherry Blossom Childcare we will support your babies development and growing independence by engaging in play and interactions that will encourage your baby to respond and communicate.

Activities for babies:

A clean carpeted space for moving around, tummy time activities to develop body strength for crawling, mirrors , ball play to encourage movement and hand/eye coordination, sensory baskets, heuristic play, messy play with edible substances such as corn flour, spaghetti, cooked/dry pasta, custard and beans, a selection of books, soft toys, music, nursery rhymes, cause and effect toys, manipulative toys, stacking toys, toys to push and pull and lots of opportunities to play outdoors...

Within my setting children have access to a wide range of indoor and outdoor toys to stimulate and challenge their interests. We have an enclosed rear garden with a mixture of outdoor toys to encourage play.